In order to maximize infection control and minimize potential for cross contamination of infectious microorganisms,
Staff should use proper bag technique when conducting home visits.

Bags: Should have “clean” compartments for clean disposables and for patient records. Bags should also have a
“dirty” side.  Your bag should be stored in a clean storage container or other separate compartment in your car. Bags
should be cleansed and disinfected weekly by hand washing them in mild soap and warm water and air drying.  Spray
inside and outside with a disinfection and air dry again.

When you enter a home, identify a clean and safe area for your bag.  Never set your healthcare bag on the floor. A
barrier may be used but is not required.  The bag itself does not come into contact with the patient. The bag should
be placed on a clean, dry surface away from small children and pets when you are in a patient’s home.

If the patient’s home environment is heavily infested with insects or rodents, the bag should not be brought into the
home.  The supplies needed for the visit can be placed in a plastic bag.  When the visit is over, the blood pressure
cuff and stethoscope can be cleansed with a disinfectant and carried back to the vehicle to be placed in the nursing
bag.  The bag that was used to carry the supplies into the home should be discarded in the home.

Equipment: Should be wiped off with a disinfectant wipe after use and before they are placed back into the bag.
Supplies should be checked weekly for expiration dates and replaced as necessary.

Clinicians: Should perform hand hygiene before reaching into the bag to obtain any necessary supplies.  Hand
washing supplies should be placed near the top of your bag or in a side pocket where they are easily accessible.
Reaching into the bag generally signifies the beginning of patient care activities. Hands should always be washed
before and after patient care is provided.

Before reaching into the bag again to obtain additional supplies, the clinician must make certain that gloves that were
used to provide patient care are removed and the hands are washed.  Otherwise, the equipment in the bag will be
considered contaminated.  Bags should remain closed during the visit.

Only dispose of sharps in an approved sharps disposal container.  The sharps container must be kept in a separate
“dirty” compartment or a designated sharps container pouch.  Never put used sharps directly into your bag.


    Revised 12/5/2016
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